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Terms of Service

~When purchasing from us, you automatically agree to the Terms of Service.
1. We maintain the right to refuse any client for any reason.
2. Refunds are not guaranteed. If we make a serious error or if we fail to complete your project within some pre-agreed specifications, we will try to resolve the error first.
3. Chargebacks will not be tolerated. If you open a chargeback, we will open a scam report against you, and we maintain the right to distribute or sell the project in any way we choose.
4. We will provide updates regarding your project as soon as work is displayable, and will continue to provide updates until your project is completed.
5. If you want changes made to your project- we have the right to refuse to implement them, or to request additional payment prior to implementing them.
6. All payments are to be made as payments of USD or the equal value of USD in the currency used by the client (you).
7. All payments are to be made through PayPal invoices and you (as a client) are responsible for covering the fees.
8. We require a 50% down payment on all projects. You will be required to pay the final 50% before your project is sent to you.
9. If you chargeback, fail to pay the final 50%, or back out of the deal at any point, we maintain the right to distribute or sell the project in any way we choose.
10. If you cancel the deal when we have already begun work, we will keep what we consider a fair amount of your down payment for the work we have done. With that work, we have the right to do anything associated to it; including distribution.
11. Our products are offered “as-is” which means there is no warranty or other guarantees after the deal is complete.
12. Our products are completely yours after the deal is complete, with the exception that you are not allowed to resell or leak the project without our permission.

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